Chair Training

Full training provided

For a safe evacuation, operators need authorised evacuation chair training to be fully prepared for an emergency. Our training courses are designed to empower operators with the knowledge and confidence they need to ensure you can get everyone safely out.

The training will usually take place at your premises and includes hands-on experience in operating your Exitmaster evacuation chair, guidance and advice for a safe evacuation of persons with temporary or long-term disabilities.

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How long does the course last?
A regular training course lasts around 2 hours, however this is dependent on the delegate’s learning speed.

How many delegates per course?
A regular training course is for up to four attendees. We offer multiple sessions, when training more operators.

How long are the delegates certified for?
Attendees are certified for 2 years, and we recommend taking refresher training every two years.

Do you offer any other training courses?
Our regular training course is our most popular course, however if you have specific evacuation chair training requirements, please get in touch and we will discuss other options.